VBLセミナー・講習会 (2007年度)

平成19年度 第4回VBLセミナー


         Thursday 22, November 2007, 13:30-15:00

 Seminar room, 4th floor, Frontier Plaza (VBL)

We performed the growth of III-nitride semiconductors by the mixed-source hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE) method in which the metal-chlorides were formed by the reaction of HCl gas with mixed form of group III metals. For the growth of AlGaN layers, mixed form of gallium (Ga) and aluminum (Al) metals were used for the reaction of metal-chloride sources. We could control the Al composition of the AlGaN layers from 0.6% to 80% by the variation of source zone temperature. For the growth of conductive III-nitride semiconductors, tellurium (Te) was used as n-type doping material in GaN and AlGaN layers in the mixed-source HVPE. For the case of GaN layers, the maximum carrier concentration was 8X1018cm-3. Mixed form of indium (In) and gallium (Ga) metals were used as metal-chloride sources for the growth of InGaN layers. Optical properties of the InGaN layers were investigated by cathodoluminescence (CL) measurement. We fabricated non-phosphor white LED structures which have InAlGaN active layers by using of multi-bin sliding graphite boat in the mixed-source HVPE system. With the addition of indium into the AlGaN active layers, the electroluminescence (EL) spectrum became broadened over the whole visible range. We could also make InGaN micro-structures by the mixed-source HVPE on sapphire and silicon substrates. The size and shapes of the InGaN micro-structures were dependent on growth temperature. Especially for the case of r-plane sapphire, nano-sized hexagonal pillars could be obtained.


平成19年度 第3回VBLセミナー


平成19年度 第2回VBLセミナー


High-pressure techniques represent potentially useful approach to investigate the physics behind high-pressure phenomena and provide some applications such as controlling the arrangement of atomic/molecular layers on the atomic and nanometer scales. Among them, high-pressure Raman scattering technique is a very inportment method to investigate the pressure effects on the optical phonons. From the pressure-induced shifts in the phonon energies, information on interatomic binding forces in crystals, charge transfer effects and structural instabilities can be extracted. In my talk, high-pressure Raman scattering results on carbon nanotubes and mixed-valence gold complexes are presented and discussed.

平成19年度 第1回VBLセミナー



平成19年度 安全講習会







日時: 6月8日(金) 10:30-12:00

場所: フロンティアプラザ (VBL) 3階 ベンチャーホール


  1. 建物の安全設備について
  2. 高圧ガス、特殊材料の安全管理について
  3. 薬品及び廃液の取扱について
  4. クリーンルームの使用方法について