Greetings from the Director of NU VBL

Welcome to the Nagoya University Venture Business Laboratory (NU VBL). We appreciate your interests in the NU-VBL and your collaboration with us and would like to give you an overview of our goals and present activities.

Since its establishment in 1995, the NU-VBL has focused its activity theme on the study of "Nanoprocess Technology for Highly Functional Materials and Devices”. It is jointly managed by several related departments inside our university and its main mission is to create novel industrial technologies and bring forth creative young researchers. We are proud to declare that it has achieved significant results both in research and educational fields.

Recently Nanoprocess technology has been widely recognized as the top priority topic that deserves active research and development. The NU-VBL has focused on its significance and has been advancing research and education on this technology even since several years before the boom of the Nanotechnology. We started from a very basic research and have accumulated a variety of knowledge and techniques. We believe it is one of our roles to transfer those knowledge and techniques to society.

Under present social conditions, universities are strongly expected to make a contribution to industry. Also the name "Venture Business Laboratory" is suggestive not only of fostering of young researchers but of profitable returning of research outcome to industry. We wish to keep a wide range of time scale for research ? incubating long-term research themes and at the same time realizing quick practical application of research outcome. 10 years after its establishment, we would like to thrust our activities as flexibly and dynamically as possible, holding the target "Nanoprocess Technology for Highly Functional Materials and Devices".

Environment for our comprehensive activities is steadily developing. The Headquarters for Industry, Academia and Government Cooperation has been established in our university, and Chubu TLO has set up its office inside the building of our VBL to realize smoother transferring of academic technology to industry. Enhancing our coordination with research institutes both domestic and abroad or with industrial companies, we are determined to bring forth study results that can contribute to the development of our society and to foster young researchers with entrepreneur spirit.

We appreciate your understanding on and support for our activities and look forward to seeing you at NU-VBL.