Spectroscopic Characterization System

In order to develop high-performance nanoprocess technologies, it is necessary to characterize the layer structure and the electronic structure of ultrathin films and their
surfaces on the nanometer (10-9 m) scale. The spectroscopic characterization system of organic films and surfaces is designed for obtaining detailed understanding of the fundamental properties and functionality of organic films, which directly bear on nano-fabrication techniques.

The system consists of (1) an ultrahigh vacuum preparation chamber for fabricating ultrathin organic films in the 10-10 Torr pressure range, (2) ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunneling microscope, (3) spectroscopic ellipsometer, and (4) surface analysis system such as low energy electron diffraction. Systems from (2) to (4) have ultrahigh resolution for observation and analysis of the ultrathin organic films deposited by the UHV preparation chamber (1).

The electronic structure and optical properties of the fabricated organic films can also be studied using subpicosecond (0.1psec) laser pulses with tunable wavelength. Using this system, optical properties such as ultrafast optical response and frequency conversion can be studied.

Deep understanding of the mechanisms of these properties can be fed back into nano-
process technology design.

Research Topics
œ Control of molecular orientation and electronic structure of organic/inorganic systems
œNonlinear optical phenomena at organic/ inorganic interfaces