Electron-Beam Assisted Nanoprocess System

This equipment is one of the main systems in this laboratory that we believe to be essential for the realization of next-generation, highly functional, nanoscale electron devices. Its key components consist of an electron-beam-assisted (EB-assisted) etching and a molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) system. These two subsystems are connected to each other by an ultra-high vacuum transfer chamber.

The EB-assisted etching system is composed of a high-energy (100 keV) small diameter (< 3 nm) electron beam gun, a reactive etching gas introduction device, and an UHV etching chamber (< 5x10-10 Torr).

The MBE system consists of an UHV (< 5x10-11 Torr) thin film (< 1 nm) growth chamber, a baking chamber, and a loading chamber.

This system allows us to alternate nano-scale pattern writing and thin film growth without contaminating the surface of the wafer by exposure to air.

Research Topics
œ In situ ultrahigh-vacuum process technology
œEB-assisted untrafine-pattern lithography
œFabrication of quantum nanostructures such as quantum dots and quantum wires
œTransport and optical properties of quantum nanostructures
œApplication of quantum nanostructures to new devices
œAtomically controlled super-heteroepitaxy