The NU-VBL is one of the 11 VBLs that were founded by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 1995. VBLs aim at lying the foundation and becoming a source of new, innovative, high technology based venture businesses in Japan by offering a unique type of education to its students. Among 22 VBLs in activity in Japan as of 2011, the Nagoya University VBL has specifically set up the purpose to focus on nanoprocess technology for highly multi-functional materials and devices as its central research topic.


  1. Research and development of nanoprocess technology that provides the basis for future innovations in the area of semiconductors, micromachining, multimedia applications, computers and functional materials.
  2. Multilevel education that enables the students to become creative scientists, talented engineers, as well as successful venture business entrepreneurs.
  3. Excellent and state-of-the-art educational and research facilities that enable the students and teachers to reach the above mentioned objectives.

VBL Principles

Research and education at the Nagoya University VBL

  1. We fosters novel technological ideas and concepts that may initiate new venture businesses (technology-orientation).
  2. Our research is original, cross-disciplinary, and seeks excellence (creativity)
  3. Our research is open to novel ideas, developments, and fields (generality)
  4. Our research is open to researchers from within as well as from outside the campus and the country (openness).

To meet these principles, many exchange programs between Japan and foreign countries as well as international research collaborations have been set up.


The NU-VBL is a center of excellence in the area of "Advanced Nanoprocess Technologies" that focuses on two main subjects:

nanoprocessing of semiconductor electronic devices - a key technology for advanced communication
control of nanoscale molecular structures - a key technology for fast computers, micromachining and intelligent materials.

  • Electron-Beam Assisted Nanoprocess System
  • Computer System for Nanoprocess Technology
  • Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy System and Scanning Probe Microscope
  • Spectroscopic Characterization System


VBL staff

Professor, Director
Toru Ujihara
Associate Professor
Shusaku Nagano
Assistant Professor
Shigeru Kishimoto
Postdoctoral Fellow
Jumpei Ariyoshi
Postdoctoral Fellow
Syougo Yoshimoto
Postdoctoral Fellow
Masahiro Matunaga
Postdoctoral Fellow
Mai Thi Kieu Lien
Postdoctoral Fellow
Seiya Yokokura
Postdoctoral Fellow
Katsutoshi Nakayama
Postdoctoral Fellow
Yuya Doi
Postdoctoral Fellow
Taka Narumi
Postdoctoral Fellow
Fumiaki Ichihasi


Collabarating Professors

Yutaka Ohno
Professor, IMaSS
Hiroshi Amano
Professor, IMaSS
Hideo Kishida
Professor, Graduate School of Engineering
Taishi Takenobu
Professor, Graduate School of Engineering
Masaru Hori
Professor, Graduate School of Engineering
Masami Kamigaito
Professor, Graduate School of Engineering
Eiji Yashima
Professor, Graduate School of Engineering
Tsukasa Torimoto
Professor, Graduate School of Engineering
Yoshinobu Baba
Professor, Graduate School of Engineering
Kunio Awaga
Professor, Research Center for Materials Science
Michio Matsushita
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Science
Masayuki Itoh
Professor, Graduate School of Science
Nobuhisa Watanabe
Professor, Nagoya University Synchrotron Radiation Research Center
Masao Tabuchi
Designated Professor, Nagoya University Synchrotron Radiation Research Center